Gaming Keyboards

Gaming Keyboards

High performance gaming keyboards carefully chosen based on key features such as switch types, actuation distance, travel distance, deco and specific technologies such as rapid trigger.

Keyboards are very dependent on preference, but there are several metrics that should be considered when making a choice.

First and foremost is layout. Most keyboards at a minimum contain the lettering and formatting keys in a format known as 40%. From here more and more components can be added, such as arrow keys, number pad, macro keys, function keys, etc. In our opinion having more freedom on your keyboard is generally better, and a minimum of 75% is our suggestion, this includes, lettering, arrows and functions.

Next to be considered is type. Firstly mechanical vs non-mechanical and then secondly which of the many subtypes of mechanical keyboards to choose.

It is our opinion that mechanical keyboards are generally the way to go. A good mechanical keyboard tends to excel in feeling, accuracy, durability and that nice clack-ity sound. However, when choosing a mechanical keyboard there are hundreds of small differences in the switches used in each key. We have chosen a keyboard with high performance switches and a standard switch feel that should appeal to most users.

The final standard consideration to be made here is connection type, wired or wireless? We have chosen wired. The main advantage of a wireless keyboard is that it can be moved around easier, and we rarely see the need to move our keyboard around with any frequency. Meanwhile a wired keyboard is more responsive and reliable.

With these basic criteria in mind, we have chosen the SteelSeries Keyboards as our suggested keyboards for your consideration. They are high performance, feel good to use, and have a suite of bonus features we find valuable.


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