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Gaming Mice


When choosing mice there are five main considerations: Connection, DPI, weight, sensor, and polling rate.

As with keyboards, mice can be either wired or wireless, and in this case we suggest wired, this removes the worry of charging or interference.

Next is DPI or dots per inch, this is a measure of the sensitivity of a mouse. The higher the DPI the more reactive the cursor will be to your movement. Higher end mice will often have a maximum DPI that can be lowered to fit your preference.

On a more basic level, the weight of a mouse is often advertised as a great advantage, While we don't consider this as important, we have chosen a fairly lightweight mouse in any case. These days most mice are equipped with one of two kinds of sensors: laser or optical, while similar optical sensors are preferable for their greater reliability. Finally there is polling rate. This is a measure of how frequently the mouse sends data back to the computer updating its movements. A fast polling rate means high responsiveness.

Using these metrics we have chosen the SteelSeries Aerox Five as our suggested mouse. It excels on all of our metrics, and has a nice look and feel to go along with it.

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AEROX 5 Gaming Mouse
AEROX 5 Gaming Mouse

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