Gaming Monitors

The following series of monitors have been carefully selected to provide the right combination of screen size, resolution, refresh rate and pixel response time.

These monitors are chosen based on what ATLAS22 considers to be the most important specifications when it comes to high performance gaming.

For all cases, the size and resolution of the monitor is the core consideration. Beyond that, gaming monitors need good refresh rate and response time.

Monitor sizes are measured diagonally from corner to corner, rather than by width or length, and in our view the ideal size ranges from 24-40 inches. The resolution is a measure of how many pixels are present per square inch, the more pixels the more detailed the image displayed, while this is subject to preference, ATLAS22 suggests between 2K and 4K resolution. Pixel response time is the time it takes for an individual pixel to go from unlit, to lit and back. In high speed monitors this is important as low response time will leave a ghost of previous images on the screen momentarily, causing the image to blur. Finally there is refresh rate. this is the time it takes the screen to be updated to a new image. The higher the refresh rate, the higher frame rate that can be displayed. If you are using a high performance ATLAS22 computer that can run a game at 120 Frames Per Second, but your monitor has a low refresh rate, you will simply not see many of the frames rendered by the computer as the monitor cannot update in time.

Using these metrics, we have curated a list of suggested monitors for you to consider.


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