About our company

ATLAS22 Corporation is a specialty computer company focused on building premium gaming computers for gaming applications. This obsession allows us to make the very best machines for Gaming. We understand how to design and build a system to make a whole that is perfect for this application.

The company was founded by Rob and Grant, two computer engineers that are computer experts and avid gamers.


"I remember seeing pictures of NASA flight control with men in white coats with the words IBM on them. This ignited a lifelong passion in me to design and build computers!

In college I started building my first computers in my dorm - not just assembling them, but doing chip-level computer hardware design, assembly and writing my own software operating system. 

Later, I did graduate work at RPI on IBM Central Processing Units (CPUs) used at the core of their mainframe computers. I also worked on operating system software that later became the foundation of Windows NT used at Microsoft. I also did graduate work in computer graphics and ray tracing, which is now used in graphics cards and gaming engines.

I have been designing computers for decades and am also a serial entrepreneur having built several successful businesses.

Grant is an NYU computer engineer who has been assembling and building computer hardware from a young age. He is also a software developer developing various Windows PC and mobile gaming apps. He is also, and very importantly, an avid and extreme gamer that has a deep understanding of how computer performance impacts gameplay and the gaming experience.

Unlike other companies that focus on the mechanicals and craftsmanship of assembling computers, we also, focus very carefully, on what's under the hood.

Of course having built computers for decades we also have deep experience assembling robust and reliable computers.

We are excited to bring the very best gaming computers to you.

We trust you will enjoy them and have lots of fun!



The company is based in northern California in the heart of Silicon Valley, right next to the home of Intel, AMD and NVIDIA.


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