Introducing CODEX: A New Home Entertainment Wonderworld, creating priceless fun times with your teens

Built On Groundbreaking Computing Technology

CODEX is the ultimate computer based digital entertainment experience for VR, Gaming, Movies, Music, Social Media, Education, Productivity and more. CODEX is a revolution — a revolution for everyone in your family! Kids, spouse, even Grandma.

  • Elevate Your Family's Moments with CODEX : Unlock a world of shared experiences with CODEX, an enduring investment that evolves alongside your family. From heart-pounding VR adventures to enriching educational explorations, it's your all-in-one gateway to endless family memories.
  • A Technological Marvel Like No Other: CODEX sets the bar with its liquid cooling, innovative airflow solutions, and mind-blowing ray tracing graphics. This isn't your ordinary system; it's the pinnacle of cutting-edge engineering, meticulously crafted to provide a seamless and immersive entertainment extravaganza
  • The Definitive Entertainment Universe: Enter the future of interactive family fun through CODEX . Whether you're diving into virtual reality gaming, embarking on educational journeys, tackling fitness challenges, or expressing your artistic side, it's your key to an entertainment cosmos as diverse as your family's passions.
  • Cut the Cord with CODEX: Say goodbye to cable bills and hello to savings. By embracing CODEX, you can liberate your budget, potentially saving anywhere from $30 to over $100 monthly. Why pay for channels you never watch when you can have it all with CODEX?

Step Into Tomorrow, Today

CODEXs groundbreaking tech is so revolutionary, it's like owning a piece of the future! It's the dream home entertainment hub you didn't know you needed and didn’t know existed.

CODEX is the ultimate computer based digital entertainment experience for VR, Gaming, Movies, Music, Social Media, Education, Productivity and more.

At the heart of CODEX is a PC like no other ━ And it is this PC powerhouse than runs all your digital entertainment experience for VR, Gaming, Movies, Music, Social Media, Education, Productivity and more.

What are the benefits of CODEX?

Mostly importantly, all these mean you can have the best entertainment system possible in your living room and share its amazing fun with your teens. Nothing will bring you teens into the living more than this will.


Made By People With Families For Families

Who is behind this futuristic design? We're a team of engineers, parents, and entertainment lovers who are passionate about how to use technology to bring families together. We designed CODEX after studying what real families—like yours—crave in a home system. And we made sure to construct a powerhouse that's not just premium but also comprehensive, durable, and future proof.

Let’s unpack this one-stop entertainment marvel: Imagine Virtual Reality family game nights that will become your new weekend ritual. Imagine interactive, educational experiences that make history and science come alive. Imagine hours of collective joy and bonding that turn "screen time" into "family time”.


Unbeatable PC Technology

CODEX doesn’t replace your Smart TV, gaming console, or streaming device—it elevates them. This sleek entertainment hub integrates with your existing setup, enhancing every aspect of your digital life. CODEX is completely configurable — And simple to do so. 

At its core is the most advanced PC technology available, all housed in an elegant, award-winning design. This blend results in durable, user-friendly, and visually appealing products that seamlessly integrate into any setting. Imagine having space-age power that complements your living room's aesthetic. The CODEX specs are mind blowing.

    CPU temperature kept at a minimum with a liquid cooled loop to maximize heat removal from the CPU silicon surface during extreme gaming while keeping noise levels low.
    Patent pending cyclone wind tunnel design together with massive air intakes to easily take heat out of the system when needed during extreme game play and eliminate CPU thermal throttling.
    Ultimate play with NVidia™ GeForce RTX™ Family Video processors with enhanced Ray Tracing Cores and Tensor Cores, new streaming multiprocessors, and high-speed memory, that give you the power and speed to rip through the most demanding games.
    5 GHz clock rates, 16 cores and 24 threads! - with Intel® Core™ i9 Processors built for the Next Generation of Gaming to blow the ceiling off performance.
    32 Giga bytes or more of the fastest DDR5 DRAM Memory paired with over 4 Terra bytes of SSD drive storage for storing lots of games and reducing game startup times.

Unmatched Choice & Entertainment Quality

Imagine a world where your living room transforms into a vibrant playground of infinite possibilities—a world where you're not just a spectator but an active participant in every pulse-quickening moment.

Meet CODEX —the revolution in home entertainment that you didn't know you were waiting for.

This is your all-access pass to an entertainment universe that's so diverse, so all-encompassing, you'll wonder how you ever settled for less.

Of course, you can play mind-blowing games if you want and unleash the gamer in you with breath-taking visuals and brain-teasing strategies. But CODEX goes way beyond games.

You can dive into cinematic universes in ultra-high definition, or teleport to virtual landscapes, historical epochs, and distant galaxies—all from your couch. Bond with your family through cooperative gaming, elevate your intellect through interactive educational wonders, and sculpt your physique through exhilarating VR fitness regimes.

Your artistic genius? Unleashed. Your social connections? Amplified. Your personal development? Fast-tracked. And this is just scratching the surface. CODEX doesn't merely keep up with technology; it defines it. This isn't just a piece of hardware; it's the future, delivering an intoxicating blend of 16 different shades of entertainment that you didn't even realize could co-exist.

With CODEX, you're not just buying a system; you're investing in a lifetime of experiences, an odyssey of discovery that makes every other form of home entertainment feel like a mere preamble. Welcome to the future. Welcome to CODEX.

Sound Investment

We think buying CODEX is a savvy investment. Because the technology we've packed into CODEX is designed to adapt and stay relevant for years. What we've packed into CODEX transcends mere gaming. Picture it as the cornerstone of your family's entertainment empire—an empire that won't crumble with time but grow stronger. We're talking about a meticulously crafted machine driven by cutting-edge processors with speeds that defy belief. Liquid-cooled to last, patent-pending airflows to endure—this isn't hardware that will be obsolete next season.

This system is designed to be future-adaptive, so let's talk long-term savings. Other systems will have you upgrading every couple of years. Not this. Your initial investment protects you from that perennial money drain.

See, CODEX isn't a cost; it's a wealth-builder in the currency of life's richest experiences. You're not just buying tech. You're investing in a timeless vault of endless possibility—for you and your family. Now, tell me that's not savvy.

Even better CODEX helps you cut the cord. By cutting the cable cord, consumers can save between $30 to over $100 monthly. Who wants to pay for channels they never watch? With CODEX, you can get streaming services from Netflix to HBO Max. For $25, services like Sling TV bring live sports and news. No contracts. Watch or leave. It's simpler, better. If you’re saving $100 a month, you could say CODEX pays for itself over time! Productivity and more.

Education that Sticks

Education that sticks
What if your child could walk through historical events instead of just reading about them? With cutting edge VR capabilities, homework turns into a grand adventure!

Your kids won't just play more; they'll learn more. Your family won't just watch more; they'll experience more. You won't just be spending; you'll be investing—in happiness, togetherness, and a future that's as bright and limitless as the CODEX itself.

Invest in CODEX and upgrade not just your tech, but your family's entire way of life. It's more than a machine; it's a family heirloom in the making. Are you ready to accept the future and become the ultimate super parent?

Family Fitness Fun
Who needs the gym when you can break a sweat and have a blast right in your living room? Let your CODEX guide you through the fitness frontier.

Social Connection
This pandemic has taught us the importance of staying connected. CODEX breaks down geographical barriers, letting you and your kids engage with loved ones as if they were right there with you.

Don't Just Make a Purchase—Elevate Your Family to Unimaginable Heights of Entertainment, Education, and Togetherness.

So go ahead, invest in a CODEX today. Bring home not just a machine but an entire world of possibilities. Give your family the future today. It's not just an upgrade; it's a transformation.

Expand the entertainment in your living space, by connecting CODEX to your TV, to enable shared Gaming, Virtual Reality, Movies, TV, and Music.

You and your family deserve nothing less than extraordinary — The Future is Yours. Own It.


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