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Expanding your living room fun?

Its easy to integrate your gaming machine with your living room TV to make a fun space with Gaming and Virtual Reality

Why not connect your Gaming machine to you living room TV?

Why would you do that?

Shared gaming experiences: Games are now increasingly multiplayer and very social activities.

With the game mirrored to your living room TV, even non players can watch what you're doing and share some of the experiences of the players.

For Role Playing/Strategy games that involve solving a mystery or escape room type puzzle this becomes a very intense and fun social activity in the living room as others share in helping solve the challenges.

Shared Virtual Reality fun: VR needs a pretty wide space to play in and offers a great opportunity for others to watch the VRs players activities on the living room large screen TV.

This again is a very fun entertaining activity as your help the player along and take turns to play.

How would you do that?

Modern computers are pretty amazing in their media and connectivity capabilities and connecting your gaming machine to integrate into your living room TV is pretty simple. 

How would you do that?

Overview: Connecting systems are pretty simple. The gaming computer has 4 video connections. Each can be connected to a video device as shown, including the VR Headset. 

Do NOT hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding setup.

1) Long HDMI cables are easily available. See below for info.
2) Existing cable box connections to your TV do not need to change.
3) One or two monitors can be connected to the gaming computer for local use.
4) Reliable wireless keyboards, with a touchpad are a great addition for remote control - that is better than a remote - see below.



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