What's the difference between a budget and high end gaming PC?

Most PC's can play most games, as the games are designed to scale back their performance needs, in terms of resolution and realism, when running on low performance PCs.

So, the difference is in the quality of your experience.

The more performance the computer has the more realistic the game world is and the more responsive the game is to user action. This means the game will be more fun, exciting and thrilling, the more immersive the experience is. 

The product difference is usually in:

  • Raw performance of the CPU in the number of cores, threads and max clock speeds. 
  • GPU Graphics capabilities. Is it a top of the line ray tracing GPU? What is the max FPS it can handle?
  • Cooling. A good cooling system that is effective enough to reduce the likely hood of throttling during extreme play.
  • Power supply headroom with plenty of extra power for the GPU. Also this is the most likely part to fail - so a quality brand is important here.
  • Motherboard with high current capabilities. The motherboard features can enhance clock speeds and issues such as DRAM access speeds
  • Reliability. This is best ensured by using premium parts instead of discounted part.
  • The quality of the case is important as over the years things like USB connectors can get worn/damaged. Mechanical parts such as Fans and bearings need to be long life and low noise.
  • The look and style of the case. Does it fit into your living space?

No matter what, a gaming PC is a significant investment and it should last at least three years and perform at maximum capabilities through intense use. This is harder to get with a budget gaming PC.

You will likely spend more hours with your gaming machine than your car! It can provide a lot more fun and thrills. Amortizing the cost of this investment over at least three years vs the hours of fun it will provide should be considered. So, investing extra to get the maximum experience is worth while. 

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