AEROX 5 Gaming Mouse
AEROX 5 Gaming Mouse
AEROX 5 Gaming Mouse
AEROX 5 Gaming Mouse


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SteelSeries AEROX 5 Gaming Mouse - Optical - Cable/Wireless - Bluetooth/Radio Frequency - 2.40 GHz - Matte Black - USB Type C - 18000 dpi - 9 Button(s) - 9 Programmable Button(s) - Right-handed Only

LIGHTning Fast

The Aerox 5 is optimized for the fastest swipes, so you beat the competition to the trigger. When milliseconds count, speed matters.

Ultra-Lightweight Multi-Genre Mouse

State-of-the-art engineering gave rise to the Aerox 5, making it 40% lighter than other multi-genre mice. Excel in any game you play with an ultra lightweight 66g build, optimized for unmatched agility.

Holey Shell

Our honeycomb shell reduces weight by up to 20g while maintaining strength and durability for the most intense gaming sessions.

Ultra-Thin PCB

Re-engineered electronics that boast a 50% slimmer circuit board while maintaining durability.

9 Programmable Buttons

The macros you need are at your fingertips, and so is victory. Instantly execute game-winning combinations with a 5-button side panel, including a custom-built up/down flick switch. Customize the Aerox 5 to your preferred method for glory.

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